The basics of working with us for your event


Are Swigtenders RAMP Certified?

Yes! All of our staff members are required to complete a RAMP (Responsible Alcohol Management Program) course.

Side note! There is no such thing as a “licensed bartender” in Pennsylvania, a bartender’s license simply does not exist. It is a common misunderstanding in the industry!

Does Swig provide the alcohol?

Swig is like a traveling BYOB, so we do not provide the alcohol. However if you decide to hire Swig we will provide you with a custom bar checklist based on your guest count and what you would like to serve. It will cover everything from alcohol to glassware to mixers, and makes shopping nice and easy plus cost efficient because you are purchasing/renting direct from the retailer.

And if you'd like to treat your guests to something special, we can also suggest a few specialty cocktails based on your likes and dislikes. We can even create a custom bar menu for a small fee, just ask!



Does Swig provide the food?

We are not a "caterer" so we do not provide the food, but we can provide you with experienced chefs or servers (depending on your needs) that will prep, heat, set up, serve and cleanup food provided by you, a caterer, your favorite restaurant, anything. We can also recommend local caterers based on your preferred event and menu style, just ask!



Can Swig provide ice, mixers and garnishes for the bar?

Yes! We can provide disposable bar items for a small fee plus reimbursement for all items provided. We can also recommend local rental companies for glassware, china, tables, coolers, etc., as well as delivery companies for ice, beer and soda.



Does Swig take the trash?

Swigtenders use their personal cars or take public transportation to events, so we can not remove trash or recycling from the property. But we are happy to bag it up and dispose of it onsite per your instructions!



My venue requires insurance coverage, what does Swig carry?

We carry $1 million in both general and liquor liability coverage, and can supply a certificate of insurance (COI) upon hiring Swig. We can also add you and the venue to the COI as additional insured if required by your venue. A small fee may apply depending on the details of your event.



What advice do you have for a customer looking to hire event staff?

First and foremost, be sure to research the vendor's service you are considering on the internet, as well as ask for current reviews and client referrals. You just want to be sure the vendor is a reputable service and be extra safe since you are inviting them into your event to take care of you and your guests. Anybody can say they are a professional bartender or staffing professional, and this is very much a "you get what you pay for" type of industry. Swig may be a bit more pricy then our competition, but our clients and reviews prove our service is well worth the peace-of-mind.



Anything else I should know?

A liquor license or permit is only required by the state if you plan on selling alcohol for a profit. Swig runs as a BYOB. You provide the alcohol and we serve it. Please contact the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board for information on obtaining a special permit. 

There is no such thing as a "Licensed Bartender" and it is not required by PA state law to have at your event. If someone tells you they are a "Licensed Bartender" they might mean they are a "Certified Bartender." A bartender can become certified by attending a TIPS or RAMP seminar, a program intended to teach alcohol servers the right way to serve alcohol and lower insurance rates.

If someone tells you they are certified by a bartending school, they most likely went to a short workshop where they were taught how to make basic cocktails with colored water. Although these classes do help, I feel the best bartenders have real world experience with years behind a few different bars. Catering experience is also important so they know what it takes to setup and breakdown an event, as this is a huge part of what we do at every single event.


More questions?

We're happy to answer any other questions you may have – just reach out to us!