Swigtender of the Month: Amanda

Amanda (1).png

How long have you been with Swig?

Since May 2017


While I do not have any creatures of my own, I am the proud auntie to a hound/mutt mix.

Day Job?

I am a freelance project manager and organizer. Over the years I have curated events for non-profits in the food justice space, farmers' markets, film festivals, holistic wellness festivals, food festivals and urban revitalization projects. Additionally, I do event planning for festive galas and other celebrations.

Favorite Restaurant?

Hungry Pigeon in Queen Village, Philly. An all day cafe serving farm driven home cooked food. The food tastes like a hug and the space makes me feel like I am in a terrarium.

Sagami Japanese in Collingswood, NJ. The most magical, straight forward and expertly prepared Japanese food outside of Japan.

In all fairness, I have never been to Japan but I have heard this from several Japanese friends.

Biggest Piece of Party Planning Advice:

1. You don't know what you don't know. Asking for help from seasoned event specialists means that you are looking to the people who can prevent the common (and uncommon) celebration snafus.

2. My word, PLEASE don't skimp on that 'rain - plan- b' tent. The powers that be are unkind to those that do.

Why do you love working for Swig?

As a freelance event planner the work is flexible and I can add on as much work as I like. The Swig team is wonderful and most of the time it does not feel like work at all!